Metal Recycling Services, LLC

Recycling and Safety Tips

First Time Selling Scrap Metal To Metal Recycling Services?

It's a cinch. 

Simply drop off any ferrous scrap (metal that sticks to a magnet like iron, steel or an automobile) or nonferrous scrap (like aluminum, copper, brass, and wire) and get paid in cash. It's a great way to make money, while helping to preserve and protect the environment.  Our friendly, professional staff will have you in and out in no time!

Check us out!   

Bring your scrap in your car, truck or trailer. Get it weighed on the latest scales. Unload, and then get paid.

1. Before stopping in, review the list of what we buy/don't buy. Please note: While we take almost anything made from metal, there are a few restrictions, and material accepted varies by location.  Find the location nearest you, then click the link for "Scrap Specifications."

2. Enter the facility. A greeter will direct you (in most locations) to the ferrous or nonferrous area of the scrap yard. Site layouts are also available.

3.  Drive up with your scrap, present a valid photo ID, unload, and we'll give you a ticket based on the scrap's weight and value.

4.  Take your ticket to the ATM and get cash for your scrap!

Safety First, Always

Metal Recycling Services creates an environment to help eliminate industrial and environmental hazards. Our safety program is successful thanks to a company-wide commitment and strong safety culture. Employees and customers come first. 
Please observe these safety guidelines in our facilities:

  • Watch out for heavy equipment.
  • Make eye contact with the operator before moving around mobile equipment.
  • Follow directions of traffic directors and inspectors.
  • Only enter the unloading areas when instructed.
  • Exit vehicle and stay in the designated area if your vehicle is unloaded with mobile equipment.
  • Do not climb on or take material from scrap piles.
  • Observe "No Smoking" and "Do Not Enter" signs in the yard.
  • Watch out for pedestrians while driving (especially when backing up).
  • Check for moving railcars at crossings and proceed cautiously over tracks.
  • Report any injuries to the MRS office promptly.
  • Dress appropriately - wear sturdy shoes and use gloves to handle scrap.

Thank you for making our yards safer by following these guidelines!